Beginners SEO Guide – Using Keyword Titan (Canine)

Not another bloody beginners guide to SEO I hear you thinking.

Well this one is unlike any other SEO guide.

All you need to remember is one simple guiding principle when it comes to SEO and getting traffic from Google.

A few weeks ago a web designer asked on an Adobe forum “I don’t know much about SEO but I have to learn really fast.


My advice was “find easy to rank keywords” that have high search volume and low competition (referring domain names).

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Find Easy Keywords.

I am going to demonstrate, step by step, using a keyword research tool called Keyword Titan how to find easy to rank keywords that can get you traffic from Google.

5 Step SEO Guide

Here are the key steps to search engine optimization, in other words how to get organic traffic from Google, if you are a beginner or struggling to get website traffic.

  1. Ideas
  2. Use Keyword Titan
  3. Find Easy Keywords
  4. Create Content
  5. Get Links
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Keyword Ideas

You probably want to do or learn SEO because you want website traffic from Google.

You think it’s free.

It’s not.

You need to spend time on coming up with ideas before you do keyword research.

For existing website owners – you can use Google Analytics, your competitors, the questions your customers ask or email you about to generate keyword ideas.

For those new to the web or SEO, do a Google search, look at the related searches at the foot of the page, look at the newspapers, look at the magazines or websites your read, heck, I even look at the stories on Snapchat for ideas.

There is no perfect how to guide on finding ideas before you start keyword research; just be curious and open to anything that interests you.

I have keyword ideas stored on my Notes iPhone app going back 4 years.

Use Keyword Titan for keyword research

To learn or do SEO you must do keyword research.

Experts use paid keyword search tools; so should beginners

Don’t rely on Google Keyword Tool, don’t trust them.

Use SEMRUSH or Ahrefs.

Today I’m going to use Keyword Titan.

I am using Keyword Titan because no other keyword research tool out there will suggest easy keywords based on the referring domains of the weakest sites in the top 10 Google results.

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Other keyword research tools offer a keyword difficulty measurement; Ahrefs offers a keyword difficulty score of 1 to 100 for a search term but what does 29 mean to you and me ?

SEMRUSH offers a keyword difficult score such as 77.7%; again what does that mean to you and mean?

When you are able to visualise a weak site in the top 10 results and know how many referring domains they have, then, after you have created your web page and content, you then know the action you have to take to improve your rankings with some degree of confidence.

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Beginners SEO Guide Video Using Keyword Titan

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Keyword Titan (for professionals and beginners)

Keyword Titan Dashboard

  • Use the Keyword Explorer


  • Type in a search terms related to your business or industry and hit explore keywords


  • KT returns the results and similar terms


  • Now click on the keyword with the most searches

Top 10 Results

Just above the top 10 results are a summary of the keyword including the monthly Searches, the difficulty and the interest over time (the trend) of that keyword.


Now look at each of the top 10 results.

  • url
  • keywords the site ranks for in Google top 100
  • estimated traffic this website gets from organic traffic
  • referring domains to the page
  • referring domains to the site

The result highlighted in green is the weakest result in the top 10.


Generally speaking, the weakest in the top 10 is the one with the least number of referring domains pointing to their website.

Difficult, Very Hard, Moderate and Easy to Rank Keywords


  • Red = Difficult
  • Amber = Very Hard
  • Yellow = Moderate
  • Green = Easy
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Why find easy to rank keyword opportunities ?

Because we cannot possibly compete with well established, trusted websites that have thousands of other respected websites pointing to them.

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Now let’s find easy to rank keywords with low competition (referring domains)

What the Keyword Titan wizard does is find keywords with high search volume and a low number of referring domains.

  • Press + to add your website or any domain.



  • Select Wizard


  • Select Target Country and domain and press next step.


  • Enter target market ie: your keywords (keyword research)
  • Search for Money Keywords
  • Press Next Step


In this instance, KT did not find any high volume keywords with low number of referring domains.


Try again

  • Select the Target Market Tab
  • enter just part of the previous 2 words e.g.: research


KT goes away and analyses potentially easy keywords.

In this case, 55 keywords are suggested.


Notice the colour in the DF (difficulty tab)

  • Yellow
  • Amber
  • Green

Now sort by the difficulty column (DF).

If the keywords are grey, click the keyword and Keyword Titan will analyse it.


Now sort by the referring domains column (refdoms)

You can sort by referring domains; the lowest to the highest and make sure you look at the DF (difficulty) column.

Look at all the easy keywords related to “keyword research” showing the monthly searches and the number of referring domains; the weakest result in top 10 has.

These keywords with a decent monthly search volume and a low number of referring domains (to the weakest site in the top 10 results) represent your best opportunities to outrank.

Use your judgement on easy keywords to pick.

Is the keyword appropriate?

Keyword Titan Wizard is not finding all the related keywords close to the keyword you search for; it is finding related keywords with good search volume and a low number of referring domains in the top 10 result.

How KT does this?

You’ll need to ask the inventor; Jon Leger

What kind of keyword is this?

There are generally 4 types of keyword searches that I have listed below with some example words included in the search phrase.

  • Transactional – buy, order, ship, deliver
  • Product – best, review, top 10, comparison, cheap, brand name + product name
  • Problem solving – how to, best way, I need, looking for
  • Time wasting – free, download, for free

What position is the weakest site?

Also notice how most of these keyword ideas are academia related.

Look at the referring domains of the other 9 results in the top 10

Whilst Keyword Titan shows you the weakest site, sometimes you will see more than one weak site in the top 10.

That’s an even bigger opportunity for you to outrank not just one but 2 or 3 websites in the top 10.

I picked “good research topics”





  • 4400 monthly searches
  • 3 referring domains point to the weakest site in top 10
  • position 9 weakest site
  • A few .edu domains
  • position 6 site has 43 referring domains
  • position 6 is possibility the best I could rank for

There are no keywords there that would be relevant to my seed term “keyword research” so I could hit the target market tab and try “keywords” or “keyword”.


Sort by referring domains and there are only 2 or 3 easy keywords

  • “resume keywords”
  • “AdWords keyword tool”
  • “meta keywords”


Look at the number of referring domains.

39,78, 93 is still a lot.

This is all part of the keyword research discovery process; trial and error and experience.

Let’s try another keyword theme “web design”

  • Select the keyword explorer
  • Select your country
  • Enter your keyword (web design)
  • Click explore keywords, then click related keywords


web design


  • 33100 searches per month
  • very difficult
  • click keyword to view top 10 results and summary


  • Scroll down and look at top 10 results


  • the weakest site is with 287 referring domains and fairly high domain and page trust ratings.

Be realistic with your expectations of getting traffic from Google.

You would need 287 other websites pointing to your website to have a chance to rank for this search term.

That’s going to take a lot of time and effort.

Putting that time and effort in perspective; I have 91 pointing to my agency website; that took 6 years; although I was never proactive in link building until 3 months ago.

However, a good broken link building campaign earned my 20 referring domains in a month; at a huge time cost.

Beginners SEO Guide : Download, Read Later

Go back to the Keyword Titan wizard again and try a single word.



now Keyword Titan has to go off and find easy keyword opportunities and it could take a while to find easy keywords based around a generic one-word term.


Sort by refdoms (referring domains)

“industrial design”

  • 14800 searches
  • weakest site in top 10 at number 4
  • 1 referring domain


That’s a nice and easy keyword !

“elements of design”

  • 8100 searches
  • weakest site in top 10 at number 8
  • 2 referring domain


But look

  • position 9
  • 5 referring domains
  • position 10
  • 45 referring domains
  • position 5
  • 144 referring domains


Now let’s look at the page that ranks number one in Google.

Right click the top results to open their web page in new tab.


Create better website content

Now look at weakest page in the top 10; position 8.


Now I think this website is ranking in the top 10 because of it’s domain name.

The keywords are contained in the domain name.

Next go to Google and the search term “elements of design”.


Since I’m based in the UK I have to select and Use from the footer menu to replicate this page result.

Whilst you are at the foot of a Google search results, look at the “searches related to elements of design”

  • principles of design
  • 7 elements of design
  • elements of graphic design
  • elements of design space

Since our original keyword was “web design” I click the related terms “elements of graphic design”.

I see the top page is a featured snippet; this is a summary of the main answer.

This means Google believes the content shown is the most valuable result for the searcher.

They highlight

  • Color
  • Attributes
  • Shape
  • Categories
  • Texture
  • Space
  • Form
  • etc.
Beginners SEO Guide : Download, Read Later

So, if this were me creating a web page around this topic I would consider creating a page as follows:

You wanted to rank for web design.

So let’s use that phrase.

Then let’s use our easy to rank phrase; “elements of design”.

Then use a related phrase “elements of graphic design”.

Together we have “elements of web and graphic design”.

Choose any variation as a page title.

Web Design Elements

Elements of Web and Graphic Design

Give your page a short url such as /design-elements – again a short url is another ranking factor.

Now we have a page targeting an easy to rank keyword, the next stage is to write great content and secure some relevant, highly authoritative websites to link to our page.


We are creating content that is going to get ranked for a number of different search terms because we are using related or LSI keywords (another, lower, ranking factor in the above mentioned ranking research).

Remember the websites in positions 8,9 and 10 have 2,5 and 45 other websites pointing to them.

If you want to, you could click the referring domains link and Keyword Titan will search and find the links these websites are getting.

Repeat the process

Once you’ve found your easy keyword, create the page content, promote the page and repeat the process.

  • Find Another Easy To Rank Keyword.
  • Create a web page of content (every web page should be a theme of closely related keywords) to rank for multiple, related search terms.
  • Promote the page.

A word of caution.

Keyword Titan gives you 100,000 credits per month.

I’ve been using the software for 3 months (on top of my 3 years using Keyword Canine) and you can burn through these credits very fast using the SEO Wizard.

Get Backlinks

According to search engine ranking research done by Brian Dean, SEMRUSH, Ahrefs, Market Muse and SimilarWeb, the 4 most important factors in a ranking a website are:

  1. Number of referring domains
  2. Total external backlinks
  3. URL Length
  4. Web page Link authority

These factors are 3 to 5 times more important than any other ranking factor.


Referring Domains, Backlinks and Page Authority: what are these?

They are simply votes.

Other websites voting for you.

If the other website owner or content creator like what you write, create or produce, they may link their website to yours.

The strength of that vote or link is then passed onto your website.

When you have thousands of competing pages creating pages about similar or the same subject, then referring domains and external links are still major factors in Google deciding the results to show the person doing the searching on Google.

Your job, if you want you web page to rank and get traffic is to promote your page so that you get or earn more (high quality industry relevant) links that the weakest website you found in your easy keyword research.

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