Reddit Keyword Research in 7 Steps with Keyworddit

Learn how to do Reddit keyword research in 7 steps with Keyworddit tool.

If you don’t know what Reddit it, think of it like a bunch of Facebook groups or a forum.

Personally, I subscribe to a bunch of different “subreddits” – seo, music, sport and business topics.

Whilst the topics on the “front page” of Reddit may appear like toilet humour, the subreddits are where the keyword opportunities.

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Keyword Research and Sales Safari

I was fascinated by Amy Hoy’s use of Reddit to explore and examine what questions and problems your prospects ask when they are in their “natural habitat”.

What you will find on subreddits, related to your business and industry, are raw insights about what people are talking about and, in some cases, what problems they have.

Since I come from a business world where it’s your job to profit by “providing solution to your prospects problem”, subreddits are an ideal way to find the problems your prospects have.

With this process we are delving much deeper than what people are searching for; we’re trying to uncover why they are searching.

7 Steps to Reddit Keyword Research with

This is a free tool a team of developers have created and whilst research results can sometimes be slow you will find some fascinating insights and keyword opportunities.

1. Register With Reddit

First step is to register with Reddit and then log in.

reddit keyword research

There’s also an iPhone app for Reddit but stick to the desktop for keyword research purposes.

2. Search and Subscribe to Subreddit

In the box on the right, search for a subject eg: golf, skateboarding, name of band, industry.


Then simply subscribe to the subreddit.


In your account, in the top left drop down menu, you’ll get a list of all the subreddits you are subscribed to.

3. Subreddit categories

Click on your subreddit and you will see a horizontal menu containing hot, new, rising, controversial, top and even promoted posts.


Reddit works on a voting system, I think, where the posts that get voted the most rise up to the top of the page; but that’s not our concern when doing keyword research.

As you can see there’s hundreds and thousands of posts and comments and trying to decipher this manually is near impossible.

So let’s use a keyword research tool to make identifying keyword opportunities easier.

4. Go to

I found this interesting, free keyword research tool, to identify keyword opportunities on Reddit called


5. Enter subreddit name

You need to enter the name of the subreddit in the big search box.

So for you enter gaming.

For you enter digital_marketing.

For you enter skateboarding.

For you enter HVAC.

You have a few options to choose from that will affect the speed and the content delivered back to you.

  • Top
  • Timeframe
  • Relevance

There’s no right or wrong process; you just have to experiment.

6. Results and monthly search volume

I’m going to use the “golf” subreddit to demonstrate.


The first column is the keyword; this is the topic that people are talking about on this subreddit in the timeframe you choose.

The next column is the monthly US search volume based on a tool called Grepwords.

I was cynical at first but I’ve ran the monthly search volume of numerous keywords through Ahrefs and the search volumes are accurate.


The last column is the context in which the keyword is being discussed on the subreddit.

7. Dig into the thread content for what to write

I found the keyword ‘game improvement irons’ very relevant on a golf subreddit.


Now right click the context link to open a new tab will open in your browser with subreddit threads this keyword is contained in.


Start reading the posts to understand the context in which people are talking about this keyword.

Try another subreddit

I searched the Marketing subreddit.


I found the keyword ‘html and css’ that is searched 1300 times a month on Google.


This is a marketing subreddit for marketing people and they appear to be asking about technical skills required in marketing or for advancing a marketing career.

How Reddit Keyword Research differs from Google Keyword Research

I would probably have ignored a keyword opportunity like “html and css” if I had only done Google research.

With Reddit keyword research, I would never have gained the insight that marketers need these skills to progress their careers.

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Can I solve this particular problem ?

Yes I can as I’m an experienced marketer with a level of html and css skills that would enable me to publish an article, blog post, video or even training course on this subject.

Keep repeating the process.

  • Look for other subreddits on Reddit.
  • Use the tool.
  • Find interesting keywords.
  • Look at the post context.
  • Look for problems that you could solve.

The End Goal

Whilst this is no beginners guide to SEO, the end goal is to still find a keywords relevant to your business or industry with a decent enough monthly search volume that you can write or video about that will position you as an expert and you can provide some kind of solution to help people searching.

And, depending on the strength of your domain and backlinks, you may even pick up some additional website traffic and enquiries.

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